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What is Renaissance?

Renaissance is a concept developed by the Renaissance Education Foundation of Jostens. The foundation serves as a source of ideas and clearinghouse for information for the nearly 4,500 schools across the country with Renaissance programs. The mission of Renaissance is to promote and achieve academic excellence. Renaissance is a partnership between business, parents, and education, bringing ideas and people together to find ways for our children to experience the true joy of learning and to recognize educators as dedicated and valued professionals.

Changing the School Environment!

High schools that implement Jostens Renaissance strategies begin a positive change in the school's culture. Behavior that is recognized and rewarded will become a part of the school. Teachers are valued, and they commit to increased expectations for performance. Staff involvement and strong, flexible leadership are important to teacher satisfaction and morale.

How does Renaissance work?

Jostens Renaissance is a process that empowers students, educators, administrators, parents, businesses and community organizations to work together to enhance student achievement, celebrate success and increase community involvement in our schools. Renaissance programs are unique to each school and may be implemented by students or led by Renaissance terms of teacher, parents, alumni, and business organizations. Jostens Renaissance provides schools with numerous ideas for promotion, performance and partnership.