Community Service Awards

Community Service Awards

The FBLA Community Service Awards (CSA) recognizes FBLA members for their extraordinary commitment to community service. *SVHS FBLA defines community service as non-remunerated activity connected with community service in relationship to a particular organization or business activity. This does not include community service completed in relationship to family.

There are three levels of recognition, based on the cumulative number of hours a member contributes to community service activities:

  • CSA Community-50 hours
  • CSA Service-200 hours
  • CSA Achievement-500 hours

CSA hours are cumulative and build throughout an FBLA member's career. Below represents the FBLA service hours earned:

FBLA Member Grad Year CSA Service Award (50 hours) CSS Service Award (200 hours) CSS Achievement (500+)
Justin Simpson 2019


Chloe Overstreet 2018 50
Taylor Hernandez 2018 50
Grace Tarara 2018 50
Mitch Guerrero 2018 50 200
Nathaniel Jacobson 2018 50
Nicole Bredeson 2018 50
Elizabeth Oltmanns



50 200
Tyler Kubiszewski 2018 50
Michael Cavenagh 2019 50
Victor Silva 2019 50

Recognition for the FBLA CSA

The Future and Business award winners receive a certificate of recognition, which the local chapter adviser prints when a CSA is submitted. The CSA Leader awards are presented at State Leadership Conferences. The CSA America awards are presented at the National leadership Conference (NLC).

Deadlines for the FBLA CSA

Community and Service awards must be submitted by March 1. Achievement awards must be submitted by April 30. Students may continue logging hours after the submission deadline. However, after the deadlines members cannot submit new community service hours until August 1 of the next school year.

Individual Awards

For information on individual awards, please click on the button on the right side of the page called "Individaul Awards."