Fundraiser for Tamara Wood

Fundraiser for Tamara Wood
Posted on 03/26/2022
bundt cake fundraiser
Tamara Wood, SVHS Math teacher, colleague, wife and mother, has taught in our district for 13 years. She currently leads Student Council, May Day, Homecoming, Mr SVHS and many other activities within our district and community, as well as being a former softball coach.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Wood was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer in early March. This came shortly after a diagnosis of cancer in her jaw the previous year which required multiple surgeries and time away from school. Though both cancers are not related, she is currently undergoing treatment for her current diagnosis while postponing reconstructive surgery for her jaw which would have been scheduled for April. The overall expected course of treatment is estimated to take a year.  This will include chemo, surgery and radiation treatments.
This is going to require Mrs. Wood to take a leave of absence from the classroom for the rest of this school year and potentially part of next year. Being away from her students and the classroom has taken an emotional toll on her. Even with her classes and extracurricular activities being supported within our building it is still difficult for her to step away from what she does best.
A group of students and High School teachers are holding a series of fundraisers for her.  The first is "The Golden Ticket" fundraiser!  Please click HERE for the flyer and entry form - chance to win $1,000!

Save the Date:  SVHS Hitathon Fundraiser - May 22nd