Faculty Contact

Faculty Contact

To contact a faculty member, scroll down the list, and then click on the e-mail address or you may access the faculty page for that teacher (provided they have a school website).

 Agriculture/Industrial Arts Department
           Lauren SchabackerDivision Leader            Jay Williams                                        


                       Jamie McCarty, Industrial Arts

 Art Department
       Steve Stender, Division Leader-Art/Music            
 Business & Technology Department

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Stillman Business & Technology Site

SVHS Business Department Student Access



Ryan Read, 
Division Leader
 English Department
           Angela Palmer, Division Leader            Laura Henderson
          Kelly Abbott Logan Glendenning
          Anna McQuality
 World Language Department
         Alana Bergeson, Division Leader            Ronie Oleson
Counseling Department
  Ed LieglCareer Adviser  Trisha McKendry, School Counselor

  Sharon Pannarale,Administrative Assistant


CounselorCatherine Simonini, School Counselor

Health & Physical Education Department
          Shawn Byers, Division Leader  Image          Andy Telander
           Dan Lundine
           Carol Conderman                     
                                   Joanna Kluever, (Library Director)
Math Department
           Eric Swenson           Julie Cain
         Tamara Wood, Divison Leader           Diana Koenig
                                  Devin Standard
Music Department
                  John Gelasi, Band Director                          Abby RisnerChoral Director
 Science Department
           Michelle Rogers, Division Leader            Kathy McCarey
           Jennifer Pansegrau 

 Erin McMaster
 Social Science Department
           Bill Polasky, Division Leader             Ryan Dessing



 Special Education Paraprofessional
                               Joy Mullins Tara Larson
                                  Dana Rohr                                   Kassandra Tice
Special Education Department
           Tracey Brown, Division Leader           Scott Rempfer
          Michelle Eyster           Jessica McLaughlin
          James Wilcox, School Suspension 
                                      Megan Zamora, ESL                                     Alissa KirchnerSpeech Pathologist
                                 Evan Ruggeberg, Security/Resource Officer
 High School Nurse
           Kayla McKinney
 Office Administrative Assistants
   Stacy MannixHead Secretary      Bethany Lauer, Attendance Secretary
Paula Broski, Activities Secretary